In support of a global movement and awareness of Zero Waste, the City of Pitt Meadows’ Green Leadership Team is campaigning to promote Zero Waste initiatives within our community. The goal is to reduce waste in landfills while promoting a more sustainable, proactive approach in managing resources.  Check out the City’s website and follow our social media for tips on how you can contribute towards Zero Waste.

What is Zero Waste?  It's a production and consumption concept that eliminates or minimizes all waste.    Solid waste from residents in Metro Vancouver adds up to nearly one million tonnes per year.  With so many alternatives to tossing garbage out, we challenge you to participate in these initiatives to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


It’s Not Natural. Report Illegal Dumping!  Known as the Natural Place, Pitt Meadows is surrounded by pristine rivers, snow-capped mountains and natural spaces that are home to stunning wildlife. When waste is illegally dumped in our community, it hurts us all. The City of Pitt Meadows spends over $30,000 each year in dumping fees alone. Deliberately abandoning waste on public or private property, such as such as garbage, mattresses, furniture, appliances, construction materials and tires is considered illegal dumping.

If you see someone dump it, report it immediately! There are three easy ways to report illegal dumping:

For more information, see

Food Isn’t Garbage - A Metro Vancouver food scraps campaign that is promoted year round!   Learn what goes in the green bin by visiting Garbage, Recycling, Food & Yard Waste,  and try out the Waste Wizard!   Did you know that all the organic materials collected from your green bin are harvested into fertile compost for your yard!  

Create Memories Not Garbage - This campaign is promoted every holiday season encouraging individuals to think outside of the box when it comes to 'gifting' material items to friends and families.   Check out the Metro Vancouver campaign to remind us that it's more rewarding to give the gift of time together and share experiences with our loved ones.

Zero Waste Starter Kit                        Break Free from Plastics                     Recycling Guide

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