Invasive species are plants, animals or other organisms not native to BC whose introduction and spread harms the province’s native species, economy and human health.

Invasive Species in Pitt Meadows

For more information about how to recognize and mange these common local invasive species, vist Metro Vancouver's Invasive Species site

Why should you care?

Most invasive species are unintentionally introduced by human activities into places outside their native habitat and, once they’re removed from natural predators and diseases they often reproduce, spread and choke out native species.

With few limits on their populations invasive species can easily take over sensitive ecosystems permanently upsetting the balance of plant, insect, bird and other animal life. Local governments, including Pitt Meadows, spend thousands of dollars each year to try to manage invasive species in our communities.

How can you help?

Report It

If you see a plant that looks out of place or a creature you don’t recognize and have concerns about, we encourage you to report it. Invasive species tend to pop up in areas that we frequent – like dog walking trails and local parks, or along roadsides and in ditches. Thank you for taking action by reporting invasive species you see!


Help protect British Columbia through the BC Invasives volunteer program. Become a volunteer here.

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