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Toilet Rebate Program

On average a lower mainland residence uses 340 litres of water per day and toilets represent 30 to 40% of domestic water use in households.  High-efficiency toilets (HET) use at least 20% less water than the 6-litre models that were previously required under the BC Building Code for new residential buildings or renovations.  In fact, a family of four can save up to 30,000 litres of water a year with an HET toilet.  Effective October 3, 2011 (HET) or dual-flush toilets were required in new residential buildings or renovations involving plumbing fixtures.

For a small fee, residents can drop off their old toilet at Ridge Meadows Recycling Society (10092 236th Street, Maple Ridge).  The toilets are crushed and the resulting material is used for road construction.  In return, the City of Pitt Meadows is offering residents a $50 Toilet Rebate (two per household per year), for a limited time, for installing a high-efficiency toilet (HET) in place of their old one.  The City has 50 rebates available on a first come first serve basis.

Toilet Rebate eligibility criteria:

  • Applies to installation in single family homes only
  • Maximum of two $50 rebate per single family home per year
  • Toilets must be new 4.8 litres or less, or dual flush, and CSA, CUPC or Warnock Hersey certified
  • Toilets may be installed by resident or licensed plumber
  • Old toilets must be disposed of a the Ridge Meadow Recycling Society (proof of disposal receipt required), where they will be recycled
  • Original sales receipt for toilet is required for rebate

Download the application form and once complete, drop off or mail the application form (with recycling receipt and original sales receipt of new toilet) to:

City of Pitt Meadows
Attn: Toilet Rebate Program
12007 Harris Road
Pitt Meadows, B.C.
V3Y 2B5

Toilet Rebate Application Form

Tree Watering Bags

Let's keep Pitt Meadows green!  Each year in recognition of Earth Day, the City of Pitt Meadows offers residents a subsidized rate for tree watering bags. 

The City offers its residents the option to purchase a 15 gallon tree watering bag to preserve the natural beauty outside their home.   Have a large tree?  No problem.  Easily zip two bags together and get the results you need.

These tree watering bags provide a slow drip irrigation system directly to tree roots over an extended period of time.  An ideal solution that can be used year round for soaking ground and roots before digging, providing continuous water during summer droughts, and can reduce transplant shock.

Tree bags are purchased by the City and made available to the residents based on wholesale pricing secured by our Environmental Stewardship Officer.  Pricing may vary year over year depending on supplier costs.   Stop by City Hall (12007 Harris Rd) during regular business hours and pick up your new tree watering bag!  

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit, cash, or cheque.


Please note:  Tree bags are not automatically put onto boulevard trees.  Boulevard trees are maintained by the property owner.  If you notice a boulevard tree that is in need of attention / water / maintenance, please notify our Parks department by calling 604.465.2434 during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm except holidays).



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