Enhancing Safety and Security  

The City and the Katzie First Nation have been connecting with local stakeholders to identify issues and gather information on how we can connect law enforcement with other non-police organizations to create a “safety and security web” of services to better connect and serve the community.

Police in Canada are facing unprecedented internal and external challenges, many of which are rooted in the changing context in which police now operate. At the same time, significant new opportunities are emerging that can help police services to better adjust and ultimately prosper in the evolving safety and security landscape. 

Foremost among these changes has been the growth of the safety and security web. The web comprises an increasing number of nonpolice organizations — including private security, local health professionals, community and municipal groups, and other government organizations — that now interact with one another and with police in the provision of safety and security. Working effectively within and through this web — rather than as isolated entities — will allow policing organizations to better respond to existing and emerging issues.

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