Monday, June 4, 2018
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 PITT MEADOWS, BC – The City of Pitt Meadows wants to hear from residents on community issues, and has launched a brand-new online portal at  The new portal will offer ways for residents to provide feedback and share ideas on a variety of issues that will inform Council and staff.

“Engaging with the community has been a long-term priority of Council, and in late 2017, we adopted the Civic Engagement Policy and Framework for the City,” said Mayor John Becker.   “The new portal is another way for the City to engage in dialogue with citizens; not everyone can come to an open house or event.  This offers another avenue for residents to participate and provide input.”

The portal is divided into sections based on projects or issues.  Within each section, users will find background information, photos, City staff contact information, and ways to contribute and interact, such as discussion forums, sharing tools for video and photos, polls, and other features.

One of the first projects on the portal is seeking input on the Official Community Plan (OCP), the community’s guide that sets the vision, goals and objectives for Pitt Meadows in the next 20 years.  Residents can post ideas, share video, keep up with the latest events and opportunities to get involved, and ask questions about the OCP.

The submitted content will help form the resulting Plan that will guide Council and staff in decision making on land use and growth, transportation, agricultural preservation, economic development and housing.

Also on the portal is an opportunity to provide input on the federal government’s recent announcement of a $55.8 million federal investment towards proposed new rail infrastructure projects within Metro Vancouver, one of which is in Pitt Meadows.  This will include the addition of nearly 5km of track paralleling the existing rail track throughout Pitt Meadows, a four lane underpass at Harris Road, and construction of a two-lane over pass at Kennedy Road, which is estimated to cost $141 million.

“There are critical decisions facing the community in the next few years that will shape Pitt Meadows’ future and how we live, work, and play here, and we need a variety of voices contributing to these decisions,” said Mayor Becker.

Residents are encouraged to visit to participate in the OCP project, and check back often as new projects are added.


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