Monday, April 11, 2022
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PITT MEADOWS, BC – The City of Pitt Meadows has issued a formal letter to CP outlining the City’s assessment that CP’s Environmental Effects Evaluation (EEE) for the proposed Logistics Park contains numerous errors and omissions and does not provide a sufficient or suitable basis for CP to proceed with an application to the Canadian Transportation Agency.

“Council remains unanimously and strongly opposed to the CP Logistics Park. Since the proposed project was announced in December 2020, the City continues to raise awareness of the numerous and significant health, safety, community, agricultural, infrastructure and environmental risks to our community,” says Mayor Bill Dingwall. “Our goal is to stop this development and to raise the alarm to CP, the Canadian Transportation Agency, and other agencies regarding the adverse impacts of the Logistics Park and the deficiencies contained within CP’s assessments and studies.”

These errors and omissions include an inadequate and inaccurate identification of baseline and background conditions, impacts of the Proposed Project, and evaluation of many critical components, as well as a lack of clarity on how conclusions, recommendations, and minimal mitigation was determined. Neither the EEE nor the technical studies have adequately identified or mitigated the many significant impacts that the Logistics Park will have on the Pitt Meadows community.

Some of the key concerns within the EEE that the City has identified includes:

  • Increased truck traffic and impacts to City infrastructure, active transportation users, Lougheed Highway/Kennedy Road intersection, and future plans for the City’s transportation network and associated truck routes.
  • The unreasonable and unsupported burden placed on the volunteer based Pitt Meadows Fire and Rescues Services due to the storage, transloading, and transportation of large quantities of high hazard commodities.
  • Impacts the City’s drainage systems including Katzie Slough and Kennedy Pump Station and surrounding properties resulting from the Logistics Park changing groundwater levels and drainage.
  • Noise and vibration assessment that conflicts with certain recommendations contained within Canadian Transportation Agency and Health Canada guidelines as well as a lack of a quantitative construction assessment, despite proposing construction work to occur within 6.5m of certain residences.
  • Air quality modeling that shows that emissions associated with Logistics Park operations could exceed applicable ambient air quality objectives, which would impact human health.
  • Removal of an additional 41 hectares of prime agricultural land in Pitt Meadows.
  • At least 10 critical documents, including studies for noise, vibration, air quality, human health, vegetation, fish, and wildlife, which have not been provided by CP, despite multiple requests from the City.

The City strongly requests that CP correct the extensive deficiencies within the EEE and provide the information and assessments that would reasonably be needed to understand the direct impacts of the Logistics Park on the Pitt Meadows community.

For the full detailed report and presentation to Council on April 5, 2022 visit

“We are extremely disappointed with CP’s lack of transparency and their blatant disregard for the comments, concerns, and feedback provided by citizens, staff and Council related to this proposed project,” says Mayor Bill Dingwall. “We will continue to do everything we can to lobby our position to decision makers and protect the safety, health and wellbeing of our community.”  

For more information and to learn more about what the City is doing to oppose the CP Logistics Park, visit


For more information please contact:
Carolyn Baldridge,
Manager of Communications & Community Engagement
City of Pitt Meadows

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