City Receives $412,000 for Flood Mitigation Plan

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PITT MEADOWS, BC – The City of Pitt Meadows has received $412,000 in funding as part of the Government of Canada’s National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP) for the development of a Flood Mitigation Plan.

“With much of Pitt Meadows vulnerable to flooding, enhanced mitigation is a high priority. This Plan will help identify gaps and develop priorities to protect residents, farms and businesses in the event of a major floor or breach in our dike system,” said Mayor Bill Dingwall. “We are also leading an important initiative with Metro Vancouver to develop a regional-wide strategy that includes collaboration between all levels of governments and explores funding options for future infrastructure upgrades.”

Work has already begun on the detailed Flood Mitigation Plan with completion expected in spring 2020. The intent of the plan is to establish a pro-active risk mitigation approach that will minimize potential impacts and enhance overall community resiliency in the face of a flood.

The project is cost shared with $206,000 in federal funding, $206,000 in provincial funding and $12,000 from the City of Pitt Meadows in terms of in-kind staff and resources.

Pitt Meadows is among 20 flood mitigation projects in British Columbia to receive more than $14.88 million under the NDMP. Read the full announcement here

Background Information:
Approximately 86% of Pitt Meadows falls within the Fraser River and Pitt River floodplains, which is protected by a 60km long dike.

In 2018, the City completed the NDMP-funded Flood Hazardous Risk Assessment, which showed that the dike system does not meet current standards based on climate change, sea level rise, and seismic design, which poses an increased risk of flooding.

Estimates for regional economic loss in the event of a breach are approximately $30 billion. Pitt Meadows portion of that could be more than $725 million. The cost to pro-actively upgrade the dikes is estimated to be significantly less.

The City is working with the Fraser Basin Council and Metro Vancouver to develop a regional flood management strategy to address the complex inter-jurisdictional flood mitigation issue.


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