Thursday, December 6, 2018

File Number: 2018-25





Council Adopts Code of Conduct and Respectful Workplace Policies


PITT MEADOWS, BC On December 4, 2018, Council adopted a Code of Conduct Policy and transitioned the existing staff Respectful Workplace Policy to a Council policy.


“The adoption of the Code of Conduct Policy is reflective of the level of commitment that this Council has for working collaboratively and respectfully with one another,” says Mayor Bill Dingwall. “This is an important initiative for every member of this Council”. 


The Code of Conduct Policy and the Respectful Workplace Policy endeavours to instill a sense of public confidence and trust.  It also serves to articulate key principles for Council to live by and establishes guidelines for the path forward should things go wrong. 


Council adopted both of these policies with the understanding that changes can be made on an ongoing basis.  Both policies will be brought back before Council over the coming months.





For more information please contact:

Carolyn Baldridge,

Manager of Communications & Community Engagement

City of Pitt Meadows

p. 604.460.6704



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