Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Pitt Meadows, BC: Council has given third reading to the bylaw related to the proposed Golden Ears Business Park Phase 3 & 4 following well attended public hearings and extensive feedback from the community. Third reading is conditional on the developer, Onni Corp., accepting 18 amendments to the application such as reducing building heights, increasing setbacks and a provision for additional commercial usage.

“Council heard input on both sides of the issue and has carefully weighed citizen input against the long-term needs and benefits of the entire community,” said Mayor John Becker. “Council felt that the amendments would address community concerns and meet the City's high standards for development in Pitt Meadows. The development will take place over time, and the proposed Community Citizens’ Committee has been created to ensure that residents most affected by the construction will have a formal vote, input and recourse.”

On July 11, staff will present a report to Council that clarifies conditions and legal instruments required to fulfill all amendments to the application. Onni will then need to decide if they will proceed with their application with the amendments.

“This has been the most comprehensive public engagement process for any development ever undertaken in Pitt Meadows. The robust public engagement process has helped Council to make a decision on this issue and has assisted with improving overall plans for the business park,” said Mayor Becker. “This level of engagement is what gives Council the ability to make informed decisions based on a wide variety of perspectives.”

More information about the project and next steps is available on the City’s website at

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