Friday, May 17, 2019
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PITT MEADOWS, BC – On Tuesday night, Mayor and Council presented badges to four Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Services (PMFRS) Chiefs.

Badges were presented to Chief Mike Larsson, Deputy Chiefs Brad Perrie and Dave Biggin, and Paid-on-Call Volunteer Assistant Chief, Dave Saddler who were joined by their families, friends and fellow Pitt Meadows firefighters.

“On behalf of Council and a grateful community, I would like to congratulate our new and long serving fire chiefs and thank our dedicated and hardworking Pitt Meadows firefighters including our paid-on-call volunteers,” said Mayor Bill Dingwall. “Public safety remains a top priority for Council and we appreciate your invaluable service to our community especially over the last few months in responding to an increase in calls including major fires.”

So far this year, PMFRS has responded to a total of 243 calls for service, including 38 fire-related incidents, 14 of which were considered major fires. This is up 61 calls compared to this same period last year in which there were 182 calls, including 11 fire-related incidents (two major fires).

Fire department service levels were also increased this year to include chest pains. So far, crews have responded to 23 chest pain-related calls from residents. Attending these emergency calls has led to positive improvements to public safety for the community.

Background Information
After assuming his new role as Fire Chief in early March, Mike Larsson has restructured his department’s leadership team to better meet the needs of the growing and increasingly busy fire hall.

The department has gone from full-time two assistant chiefs to two full-time deputy chiefs and one paid-on-call volunteer chief.

After an extensive province-wide search, Dave Biggin was recently hired as PMFRS’ new Deputy Chief of Training/Operations. This position replaced the vacancy left by Chief Larsson in his previous role. Dave Biggin was a volunteer paid-on-call member for 10 years before leaving to join the City of North Vancouver. His history with PMFRS combined with his extensive education and experience in the areas of training, fire prevention, incident command, emergency management and fire suppression, make him a great asset to the department.

Brad Perrie was recently appointed from Assistant Fire Chief to the role of Deputy Fire Chief of Prevention. He is a long serving member of the department with 29 years of service, including 15 years as a full-time fire chief.

Dave Saddler, who has 32 years of service as a paid-on-call volunteer, was recently assigned to Paid-on-Call Volunteer Assistant Chief to provide leadership to the 36 paid-on-call volunteer firefighters with the department.

Earlier this year, Council approved the addition of two full-time firefighters to enhance community safety by ensuring extended seven-day per week coverage from 6am to 6pm. This has led to improved response times during these hours.


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