New Road Infrastructure to Improve Safety and Accessibility

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PITT MEADOWS, BC – Two signalized intersections are set to replace the roundabouts along Airport Way at Bonson Road and Harris Road, improving safety, accessibility, and mobility in this high traffic area in Pitt Meadows. 

“Council is committed to making improvements to enhance safety for everyone,” says Mayor Nicole Macdonald. “We understand there have been significant delays and challenges for residents due to the construction and would like to thank the community for their understanding and patience as we create a better road and trail network for all users. Work is getting close to completion and the resulting changes aim to improve infrastructure and connectivity within the city.”
Improvements and mitigation efforts in the area include:

  • Fully signalized intersections at Airport Way/Bonson Road and Airport Way/Harris Road with pedestrian crossings and curb letdowns for accessibility;
  • Widening of Airport Way between Baynes Road and Southgate Rd to two lanes in each direction;
  • Widening of Fraser Way and Lasser Road;
  • Addition of sidewalks and crosswalks along the Harris Road corridor;
  • Development of many multi-use path connections to enhance walkability, accessibility and create more active transportation opportunities;
  • Addition of berms along Fraser Way, Lasser Road and south of Fieldstone Walk to provide sound and visual buffers.

“The upgrading of our roadway infrastructure will meet the current needs and future demands of our growing community, particularly in the South Bonson area,” says Chief Administrative Officer Mark Roberts. “The various improvements to our road and active transportation infrastructure in this area will accommodate traffic flow and improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists and allow for better trail and multi-use path connectivity.” 

Ongoing improvements include the creation of a multi-use path between Airport Way and Fraser Way, including a crosswalk with curb extensions that connect to the Pitt River Regional Greenway. Work is ongoing and expected to be complete by early fall 2023. Learn more at


For more information please contact:
Carolyn Baldridge,
Manager of Communications & Community Engagement
City of Pitt Meadows