Wednesday, February 15, 2017
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Pitt Meadows, BC – Pitt Meadows Council has appointed members to the new Airport Advisory Committee under the new Terms of Reference developed by the Airport Steering Committee last month. The Pitt Meadows Airport Advisory Committee is a new Council-appointed committee, designed to bring together the diverse viewpoints in order to consider how the airport may affect the community, and vice versa.

The new Committee members are Ron Blakely, Tom Heise, Reg Moen, Jim Clements, Johanne Rensmaag, Peter Jongbloed, Twyla Rickman, and Robert Meachen.

“Council was pleased to receive seventeen applications, and a steering committee interviewed the interested applicants and shortlisted this group,” said Mayor John Becker. “I look forward to having this committee in place to begin their work, as this is a key part of ensuring that the Airport can bring benefits to Pitt Meadows in a strategic and thoughtful way.”

The membership of the committee is intended to reflect a variety of perspectives on the Airport and its impact on the community. Four members are chosen for having knowledge of or expertise in airspace matters and/or use of the airport, and four are chosen from the Pitt Meadows area whose views will reflect wider residential, property owner, and/or business concerns.

Members are to be appointed for three year terms effective January 1 each year. Every year, two members’ appointments will end on December 31 to keep terms staggered.

Pitt Meadows Council has been working toward establishing governance and strategic planning for the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport. Working in partnership with the City of Maple Ridge, a new interim Airport board of directors was appointed in January to transition to a new governance structure that has been established for the Pitt Meadows Airport Society. The interim Board consists of Mayor John Becker as interim Board Chair, and Councillors Bruce Bell and Mike Stark representing Pitt Meadows and Mayor Nicole Read and Councillors Bob Masse and Tyler Shymkiw representing Maple Ridge.

Once the permanent Airport Board is appointed, there will be a total of 11 directors. Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge Councils each appoint four directors and the final three positions will be filled with the consultation of the eight City appointees. Each community established their own selection process to attract and appoint candidates for the new Board.

The interim Board will be meeting within the next few weeks and a permanent Board is expected to be in place by the end of April.

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