Pitt Meadows Council Selects Preferred Site for Future RCMP Detachment

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PITT MEADOWS, BC – Following the recommendations of an independent site analysis, Council has unanimously selected the site of the current Pitt Meadows Art Gallery (PMAG)/Athletic Building as the preferred location for the future independent RCMP detachment. This decision was made based on a number of considerations including cost and the site meeting the majority of the City’s and RCMP’s desired criteria.  

“Public safety is Council’s number one priority,” says Mayor Bill Dingwall. “Our greatest legacy is enhanced public health and safety as well as a better return on investment for police services. Council is pleased to have found a favourable site for an RCMP building in Pitt Meadows that will help provide this improved service for our community.”

As part of the process of establishing an independent RCMP detachment for Pitt Meadows, the City engaged a consultant to conduct a feasibility study. The study reviewed the business case of renovating the existing Community Policing Office (CPO) versus building a new standalone detachment. The findings of this study were presented during the February 9, 2021 Engagement and Priorities Committee (EPC) meeting. After assessing 13 potential options, the most feasible and cost-effective location is the current PMAG building/Athletic Building site on Harris Road for the following reasons:

  • Lowest cost option
  • City-owned property
  • Fits construction timeline
  • Central and visible location, close to transit and outside of the Agricultural Land Reserve and flood hazard zone
  • Childcare services are not affected
  • No disruption to police operations
  • Site satisfies RCMP safety and security requirements
  • Offers opportunities to re-purpose existing CPO

“With the new facility space required to accommodate an independent detachment, the preferred site presents the most appropriate and cost-effective option for a future RCMP building,” says Chief Administrative Officer Mark Roberts. “Not only is the property owned by the City and centrally located with good site access, it is also the most affordable option and will reduce disruptions to police and other community services compared to the other site options.”

The 1/2-acre site is a primarily asphalt and lawn lot that borders Harris Road Park. This site houses the Art Gallery portable building that has served its useful life. The site is next to a statutory right of way to the north and is currently listed under a park designation bylaw that would require amending.

Building on the site is estimated to cost $18.25 million and would be funded by City reserves to service borrowing from the Municipal Financial Authority and by potential grant money. Funding for the preferred site would not require a tax increase.

The City is currently undergoing the Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) Master Planning process, which will help to inform the City with opportunities and options for arts and cultural services, including the Art Gallery. The PRC Master Plan process, coupled with the potential to relocate the Gallery to a new location, offers an exciting opportunity to enhance arts and cultural services in the community.

The City is moving forward with the steps needed regarding the statutory right of way, land parcel consolidation, and park designation amendments. The results of which will be discussed at an upcoming Council Meeting. For more information about the feasibility study, visit pittmeadows.ca/policereview.


For more information please contact:
Carolyn Baldridge
Manager of Communications & Community Engagement
City of Pitt Meadows