Pitt Meadows Launches Engagement for Urban Forest Strategy

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PITT MEADOWS, BC – The City of Pitt Meadows is launching a public engagement campaign to develop an Urban Forest Strategy to help manage, protect, and increase the city’s tree canopy.

“Trees are an important natural resource,” says Mayor Nicole Macdonald. “While they make our community beautiful and keep our streets cooler, they also improve air quality, reduce rainwater runoff, prevent soil erosion, and reduce noise pollution. The City has engaged a professional consultant team to ensure the Urban Forest Strategy will guide informed decisions for the long-term protection, improvement, and management of forested areas in Pitt Meadows.”

The urban forest consists of all public and privately-owned trees, shrubs, and low-growing vegetation in the city, including in yards, streets, dikes, and parks. The Urban Forest Strategy will prioritize climate change adaptation and mitigation, including temperature regulation, stormwater management, drainage, and planning for future storm events. The City has also adopted a Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area in the new Official Community Plan to address forested lands that may be at risk for wildfire and to require new development be designed in accordance with FireSmart principles to minimize the risk of wildfire to people and structures.

The development of the Urban Forest Strategy will consist of two engagement periods including surveys, online mapping, and in-person engagement events for the public to speak to the project team and share their feedback about areas requiring more trees or enhanced tree protection. The first engagement period runs from September 5 to October 5, 2023, with an online survey, as well as in-person engagement events. The second engagement period will resume in early 2024, with the final plan expected by spring 2024.

“We’re eager to hear residents’ thoughts on additional trees in the community, enhanced protection of forested areas, or concerns about existing trees in their neighbourhoods,” says Chief Administrative Officer Mark Roberts. “We invite residents to complete the online survey, visit the engagement booth at the Pitt Meadows Farmers Market on September 5, or stop by the open house on National Tree Day on September 20 at the Pitt Meadows Family Recreation Centre.”

Complete the online survey by October 5, 2023 at haveyoursaypittmeadows.ca/urbanforest. For more information and project updates, visit pittmeadows.ca/urbanforest.




For more information please contact:
Carolyn Baldridge
Manager of Communications & Community Engagement
City of Pitt Meadows