Pitt Meadows Tax and Utilities Rates set at 2.96% for 2018

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PITT MEADOWS, BC - Pitt Meadows City Council ended budget deliberations last week with a 2.96% planned increase for 2018, or an increase of $89 for the average single family home.

 Council scrutinized department operating and capital budgets, and reviewed eight budgetary decision packages, in the end approving or modifying all of them.

 The 2018 budget includes ongoing enhancements such as:

  • Pitt Meadows Library Sunday hours during the summer;
  • Pitt Meadows Senior Centre expanded Saturday hours;
  • Emergency Social Services program brought in-house;
  • Increased funding for civic engagement and public participation initiatives;
  • Installing fibre connectivity to the South Bonson Community Centre;
  • Project Engineer position dedicated to managing increased scope of capital projects

 The $10.1 million in proposed capital projects will pay for a variety of vehicle, equipment, roads, technology, parks and building projects, including:
Katzie Slough Bridge replacement;

  • Kennedy Drainage Pump replacement;
  • Sharpe Rd Watermain replacement;
  • Thompson Rd repaving;
  • Firehall building replacement (2018 site selection & architectural design)

 Additionally, work will continue on the previously approved $6.975 million Area 4 pump station replacement, which was partially funded by a grant received by the federal government.

 As in previous years, the capital plan also sets aside an additional one per cent in taxes ($192,000) for the future replacement of infrastructure.

“Although there is an increase, Pitt Meadows taxpayers will continue to pay less than the average Metro Vancouver municipal taxpayer and continue to experience enhanced city services,” said Mayor John Becker.

Council will host an information session on property assessments and taxation during a Regular Council meeting in February. City business plans and budgets are available on the City’s website and copies are available for review at City Hall and at the Pitt Meadows Library.