2021 Capital Works – Traffic Calming and Accessibility Improvements

May 13, 2021 - As part of the 2021 Capital Works program the following traffic calming and active transportation improvements will be made in multiple locations across the city:

  • Crossing improvements at:

    • South Alouette bridge
    • Silver bridge
    • Wildwood Crescent*
    • Ford Road
    • Airport Way/Baynes Road
    • 192A Street/Davison Road
  • Cross walks and curb extensions at McMyn Road *
  • Extension of center median on Harris Road (north of 124 Avenue)
  • Traffic calming improvements along Park Road*
  • Cyclist activated push buttons at Harris/122 Avenue; Hammond Road/Blakely Road; and Harris Road/124 Avenue

*Please note that adjacent to the new crossing on some areas there will be newly implemented parking restrictions on Wildwood Crescent, McMyn Road and Park Road). Although the restrictions will be minimal, impacted residents will be notified in advance.

Work will begin the week of May 17 and is expected to continue until mid-July. The contractor will endeavor to minimize any disruptions.

Thank you for your patience during this time and please watch and obey traffic control personnel and signs in the area while this work is being completed.