Airport Way Roadwork Update

October 19, 2023 - The City of Pitt Meadows continues to work closely with the contractor to complete the signalized intersections project on Airport Way related to the Golden Ears Business Park (GEBP). Here is an update:

Traffic Sensors Update

Sensors have been successfully installed at the Airport Way/Harris Road and Airport Way/Bonson Road intersections, which will improve traffic flow by responding to real traffic conditions.

Right Turn Lane on Bonson Road Northbound

A dedicated right-turn lane from Bonson Road northbound onto Airport Way is not currently a requirement of GEBP road improvements, which is based on previous traffic counts and future modelling, business park development, and general community growth. The feasibility of a future dedicated right turn lane has been reviewed and considerations include:

  • In order for an intersection to function safely, it must be mirrored in the opposite direction for left and through movements. A dedicated left-turn lane on Bonson Rd southbound is required to accommodate traffic demands, which is why there is a mirrored left-turn lane on Bonson Rd northbound, even though traffic demands for this direction are low. For this reason, it would not be possible to adjust the northbound lanes to make the left-turn lane a shared left/through lane.
  • An additional lane on Bonson Rd northbound could potentially be implemented in the future to support a dedicated right-turn lane onto Airport Way. This would require widening the road into the Katzie Slough, narrowing the sidewalk, extending the existing culvert and environmental considerations, and would likely impact nearby properties. The current width of the shared sidewalk at the southeast corner is not wide enough to accommodate an additional lane.
  • As part of the Eagle Meadows Business Park on q̓ic̓əy̓ (Katzie) First Nation, the developer has conducted a traffic impact assessment to determine any necessary road improvements needed to support the development and also assess the critical timeline for secondary access. This is currently under review and if improvements are needed, they would form part of the requirements for the development. The City continues to work with q̓ic̓əy̓ (Katzie) First Nation and the developer, and advocate to higher levels of government.
  • A dedicated right-turn on Bonson Rd northbound likely wouldn’t substantially improve traffic, as there is still a bottleneck on Airport Way at TransLink’s Golden Ears Way single-lane roundabout.

Golden Ears Way Roundabout

Bottlenecks are expected to continue at Translink’s single-lane Golden Ears Way roundabouts. This is creating traffic delays in all directions in the area, including Golden Ears Bridge, Maple Ridge, Golden Ears Way, Pitt Meadows and q̓ic̓əy̓ (Katzie) First Nation. TransLink is completing a comprehensive study to identify and prioritize solutions, and all parties have a strong interest to resolve the delays. More information and public consultation is expected in the coming months.

Remaining Work

Although many of the offsite improvements have been implemented by the developer’s contractors, the following work still needs to be completed:

  • Completion of the roadwork and sidewalk east of Bonson Rd on Airport Way, including the signalized pedestrian crossing at Southgate Rd
  • Completion of the multi-use pathways, including lighting, line painting, wayfinding and the mid-block pedestrian crossing on Airport Way between Harris Rd and Bonson Rd
  • Widening of Fraser Way along the south side of GEBP phase four, installation of a sidewalk on the north side, and a mid-block crosswalk with curb extensions
  • Paving of the gravel parking area on Fraser Way and construction of a walkway on the south side of the street (City-led project in 2024)
  • Completion of GEBP phase four berms, plantings, and widening of Lasser Rd
  • Implementation of bike lanes on Bonson Rd from Sutton Ave to Fraser Way
  • Completion of the sidewalk on Harris Rd, in front of the City’s Public Works building and a new access to the site from Airport Way
  • Construction of a pedestrian bridge at Baynes Rd/Airport Way to connect the existing gravel pathway on GEBP phase two (City-led project in 2024)

The City understands that this has been a challenging time. Now that traffic sensors have been installed and roadwork is nearing completion, traffic in the area will be improved, but delays can still be expected from the Golden Ears Way roundabouts. The City is completing a debrief of the project and will look for ways to improve outcomes and minimize impacts of developments and associated improvements in the future.

For more information and if you have any questions, please contact

Overhead illustrative map of the intersection of Bonson Road and Airport Way