Traffic Challenges at Airport Way Intersections

September 6, 2023 – Thank you for continuing to provide feedback about traffic challenges.

The City is aware of heavy traffic during rush hour especially along Airport Way at Bonson Road and Harris Road intersections. Both intersections will have left turning lanes and left signals when work is complete. Due to supply chain issues, the sensors controlling the left turning signals are backordered until October.  

In the meantime, lights are set to a fixed cycle and do not account for periodic traffic changes and longer timing. Priority is given to Airport Way because it is an arterial road and is one of the main corridors into Pitt Meadows. The City continues to work with the developer to make adjustments to these intersections with the goal of alleviating bottle necks. 

Thank you for your patience.

Map of Airport Way with the intersections at Harris Road and Bonson Road indicated in red