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On occasion, information shared online or in print by residents or media may contain a factual error.  This page will be used for the City to provide additional information, corrections or clarifications, “for the record".

April 17, 2019 - Citizen Task Force Recommends an Increase to Council Remuneration

Following a comprehensive review by a citizen-led task force, Council has accepted recommendations to increase remuneration to be closer to comparable municipalities. The Mayor’s new salary will be $92,750 and councillors’ salaries will be $39,092 annually. 

Almost half of the increase is attributed to elimination of the federal tax exemption resulting in the loss in take-home pay and the planned cost of living increase. In late 2018, Council directed staff to form a citizen task force with the mandate of conducting a comprehensive review of Council’s remuneration, not undertaken since 2007, and to propose recommendations for consideration. A task force was established in February, 2019.

“We appreciate the thorough and thoughtful analysis undertaken by the Remuneration Task Force and their recommendations,” says Chief Administrative Officer Mark Roberts. “Four community members met weekly to review: remuneration in comparable municipalities, Council Indemnity Bylaw No 2383, Council Policy C068 – Council Expenses and best practices. City staff played a supporting role in this process by providing relevant information.”

One recommendation included amending the Council meeting schedule to include two weeks off during spring break to align with the School District 42 schedule, however, that was not supported by the majority of Council.  The task force believes that providing a more flexible Council meeting schedule will attract individuals with different economic and social backgrounds including people with young families or day jobs. The number of meetings per year remains unchanged at 21, similar to 2018.

The recommended increase is linked to the median employment income of full-time, full-year workers and would be adjusted in future years by the Vancouver Consumer Price Index.  Councillors’ base compensation is set at 70 percent of median employment income whereas the Mayor’s compensation coupled with additional responsibilities translates into 2.5 times higher than fellow councillors.  

After the increase, salaries for elected officials in Pitt Meadows remain significantly below the average of comparable municipalities.

Comparable Municipal Salaries 2018 & 2019



2019 Mayor

2019 Council

No. of 2019 Scheduled
Council Meetings

Port Coquitlam




Langley City




Maple Ridge




Port Moody




White Rock








Pitt Meadows




The additional cost to the City to increase Council remuneration to recommended levels is approximately $90,000 annually.

January 29, 2019 - Proposed Tax Increase Reduced to 5.58 Percent

The initial 2019 tax and utilities increase proposed to Council in November 2018, before considering changes to the Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Services was originally 5.75% or $175 to the average single family property.

In December 2018, Council approved the addition of the two Fire Service Technicians at a cost of $26 to allow the City to address community safety by ensuring seven day per week coverage from 6am to 6pm. Council also approved the attendance at chest pain/ambulance delays calls exceeding 10 minutes at a cost of $3.  These costs are being funded fully from taxation revenue which forms part of the total 5.58% tax increase. There is no reserve funding being accessed to fund Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Services. 

Further budget changes presented on January 23, most notably for additional taxation revenue from Onni Phase 3 and the car dealership rezoning changes net of other adjustments resulted in a reduction of ($34). Read the detailed breakdown: Council Adopts a 5.58 Percent Increase or $170 for Single Family Home.

January 25, 2019 - No Additional RCMP Members Approved in the 2019 Budget

The article published in the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News on January 22, 2019 “Pitt Meadows Council looking at 5.53 per cent budget increase” contains factual inaccuracies.

The 2019 Business Plan documents submitted to Council in December for consideration included RCMP’s Decision Package of adding one RCMP member in each of the years 2019, 2022, 2025, and 2028.

At the January 23 Budget Deliberations, Council chose to not approve the RCMP Decision Package.

December 5, 2018 - Council Votes Unanimously to Increase Service Levels for Medical Calls to Enhance Public Safety

On December 3, 2018, the City hosted a public information session during a special Council meeting to outline current service levels of the Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Department.  This session was an opportunity for the community to learn more and to understand some of the challenges faced by the current service. 

Significant growth over the past decade in commercial and light industrial spaces, additional multi-family housing as well as massive traffic increases related to the Golden Ears Bridge and Pitt River Bridge has vastly changed the face of the community. 
Currently, the department does not attend calls related to chest pains and when ambulances are delayed by 10 minutes.   Beginning January 1, 2019, Pitt Meadows City Council voted unanimously to send firefighters to these emergency medical calls.  This modest service level increase will significantly enhance public safety for the community. 

During the upcoming business planning presentations, scheduled for December 10 and 12, Council will contemplate hiring two additional full-time firefighters needed to cover lower daytime turnouts to emergency calls by paid-on-call members. 

View the presentation here.

November 15, 2018  – PMFRS Attended 49 fire incidents to date in 2018

The article published in the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News on November 15, 2018 “Budget numbers mean city can’t afford firefighters, says former Mayor MacLean” contains factual inaccuracies. 

In 2018, Pitt Meadows Fire and Rescue Service attended a total of 49 fire-related incidents.  Of those 49 incidents, 12 involved a structure in some capacity. 

Over the coming weeks, the City will be hosting a public information session outlining current fire service levels and will be hearing from all City Departments regarding the 2019 budget and business planning. 

Fire related incidents in 2018 (January 1 - November 15)

Actual Incident TypeNumber
of Calls
Structural Fires or Fires with a Structural Impact


•    Commercial1
•    Garage/Shed/Outbuilding1
•    Residential Single Family Dwelling1
•    Stovetop5
•    Electrical/stove/dryer/Plug/Furnace3
•    Chimney1
Structural Fires Total12
Fire – Container/Garbage1
Fire – Brush/Grass/Bark Mulch14
Fire – Hydro Pole/Transformer2
Fire - Miscellaneous9
Fire – Vehicle – Bus/Camper/RV1
Fire – Vehicle – Car/Truck/Lawnmower10
Grand Total of calls 49


September 10, 2018 - ‘Dogs offend Muslims’ not Pitt Meadows messaging.

Signs advising dog owners that their pets offend Muslims may bear the Pitt Meadows logo, but they do NOT originate from city hall.

In September of 2017, notices were placed in City parks that read:

“Please be courteous to your Muslim neighbours. Many Muslims live in this area and dogs are considered filthy in Islam. Please keep your dogs on a leash and away from the Muslims who live in this community.”

A photo of one of these notices quickly made its way online amongst social media users.   As with most social media, once an article or image is uploaded, it's near impossible to remove.  Due to this, it's expected that these posts will resurface periodically.  

The signs bear the city logo, but do not originate from City Hall, and the posters were promptly removed by the City.  It was noted that  the individual(s) who had created the poster was unauthorized to use the City logo, and it is not the City’s messaging.

The City of Pitt Meadows does have a bylaw that asks dog owners to keep their pets on a leash, except in designated off-leash areas.

While the social media posts have been removed from the City of Pitt Meadows Facebook page, at times the posts will continue to recirculate.  Please share that these posts are not endorsed or supported by the City.

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