Recent COVID-19 Updates

At this phase of Recreation Services reopening, following guidance by the Provincial Health Officer and local sport organizations, drop-in participation programs will not be resuming at this time. We have implemented a variety of registered programs to accommodate this need. These programs will not be covered by membership. Please see the following FAQ regarding this decision and membership refund options:

Recreation staff are excited to have our community back to programs! Please note we have done our absolute best to set up a fun, safe environment following the various necessary protocols. Should participants not adhere to these guidelines and practices, access to programs will be reviewed. 

Why was the decision made to not include drop -in gym programs in memberships at this time?
During COVID-19, expenses have gone up while revenues have gone down due to closures. We must be fiscally responsible and, in order to continue to offer a model of group fitness and sport programming, we must cost recover (break even). This decision was not made to generate revenue, but to allow us to pay an instructor to return  and offer this service. With a guaranteed number of registrants, we are able to execute this service, which would not be feasible relying on daily varying drop-in participation.

Why are the programs registered instead of drop-in?

  • Caution must be practiced and large group interaction minimized. COHORTS are the model of safe prevention in order for sport to resume.  (A COHORT is a closed attendance group to ensure safety for participant to practice skills and modified game playing with a group that is not constantly changing.)
  • No daily drop in permitted.  
  • Minimum attendance numbers must be confirmed in advance in order for the program to run, the drop-in model does not allow for this. If registration minimum is not met for a specific activity, other priority sports will be considered in its place.
  • Pickleball has a higher percentage of older adults playing the sport and participants over 50yrs are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. 
  • Basketball is a higher risk sport with shared equipment and contact/touching of the ball. Less players can play at this phase.
  • All Parks and Recreation services are subsidized by the tax base and continue to be, but we must recover the cost of the instructor for these programs.

Will these programs eventually return to drop-in?
As the COVID-19 situation remains fluid, so must our response to operating. When direction is received from Provincial Health Authorities to operate in a different manner, we will adapt our services accordingly in a way where we can safely and cost effectively provide the service to our community.

What do I have to do with my pass now if I want to use it for the fitness centre (being aware that classes are no longer included), or what if I want a credit/refund?

  1. Reactivate your pass for use of the Fitness Centre only (Phone PMFRC 604.465.2470, or email starting August 31 to request reactivation.  Staff will reactivate the pass and email members the required Informed Consent Form. This must be completed and returned to Recreation staff on or before the first visit.  
  2. Withdraw the membership and have a credit placed on your Parks, Recreation and Culture account. The credit can be used towards future purchase of programs or services (Phone PMFRC 604.465.2470 or email starting August 31 to request the pass be withdrawn and member account credited.
  3. Request a refund (refunds are processed by cheque only and will be mailed). Customers wishing to be refunded should email to request the refund. Include your current mailing address in the email to expedite processing.  Refund requests may take longer than normal to process.
  4. Leave your pass on hold (no action required by member)

Why did the fee per session increased?

  • All fitness classes and sport session costs are kept as low as possible at $6.50 per session recovering the cost of set-up and sanitization between user groups.  While the service remains subsidized by local tax base, the new standardized fees reflect industry standard, reduced participant capacity due to physical distancing requirements.
  • Why is my drop-in sport now only 60 minutes?
  • Participation for moderate to high physical indoor activity levels must be limited to a max of 60 minutes at this phase.
  • As per the Provincial Health Officer, WCB along with BCRPA and VIASPORT return to sport guidelines with Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) and Local Sport Organization (LSO), recreational facilities must have a safety plan in place and understand the risk level of each sport/activity that is allowed. 
  • Maximum numbers of registrants will allow for everyone to be playing the duration of the time with no spares for sports like pickleball, while  accommodating doubles play. 

Additional information related to guaranteed full 60 minutes play time and numbers for attendance so no-one has to sit off:

  • The gymnasium has 6 courts allowing for a maximum of 24 players (Pickleball/Badminton) resulting in 24 available registered spots. There will be no additional players to rotate in or substitute.  Sessions were programmed based on doubles play to provide everyone with the full hour of play. Single play will only be permitted should the program not have maximum attendance or if all members of the cohort are not in attendance. 
  • As a COHORT, or closed group of players, individuals will be able to play and make different teams/pairs to maximize your pickleball session during the 60 minutes.  Note that participants will need to manage rotation of games and/or adjust teams or pairs with one another.  Participants will need to self-manage the structure of their time slot in this regard. 

Additional information about Equipment Set-up and Take-down:

  • Nets will be set-up by facility staff before the program so that play will be for the full 1 hour time frame. Due to mandated requirements for cleaning and sanitization no Volunteers will be utilized at this time.  
  • Time has been designated between sessions for required cleaning allowing for traffic flow of participants. Equipment set-up take down will not impact play time.
  • Regarding equipment, there will be no paddles or balls provided. Participants are required to bring their own paddles and balls. There will be no sharing of equipment to assist reducing the risk of COVID-19.
    • It is expected that you will be cleaning/ sanitizing your own equipment.
    • It is expected that you will limit touching the ball and use the paddle to pass to the other players. Where the ball is touched, you will sanitize between games to minimize risk between the next game and players.

Registration Additional Notes:

  • There are no late-registrations permitted nor day drop-ins. Additional changes to registration after the program starts will impact the safety of the group (COHORT).
  • Minimum registration numbers will be required 3 days prior to the first session date so we can confirm the program will run. 
  • As we are all in this unusual time of COVID, there are expectations for everyone to follow the directions of the Provincial Health Officer and continue to practice good hygiene, sanitization and physical distancing. These practices will continue and be expected for use all to follow within the facility.   

If I don’t attend all classes, can I get a refund?

  • Non- attendance does not allow a refund, as per the regular refund policy
  • Minimum levels are required to ensure program cost recovery, and where facility staff are needed to provide enhanced cleaning.
  • Going away on holidays does not allow for pro-rated fees.  This is considered non-attendance by choice if the customer wants the program.



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