COVID-19 Update - updated Nov. 25, 2020
The Provincial Health Officer (PHO) made an announcement on Nov. 18 extending the restrictions announced on November 8 and implementing new restrictions, in effect until December 7, in an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19.   

Updates and Extensions of Changes to Services:
Mandatory Masks: All patrons visiting the Rec Centre Customer Service, Art Gallery, and  Fitness Centre will be required to wear a mask throughout their entire visit to the facility.  A reminder that an informed consent is signed upon a patrons first visit to the centre following new COVID-19 protocols. This signed agreement requires all users to follow City of Pitt Meadows COVID-19 protocols which now include mandatory masks in all indoor spaces. Disposable masks will be available at customer service, if needed. This requirement is due to the implementation of an “Emergency Act in Place” mandating the requirement for wearing a mask in all public indoor and retail spaces.  Mask Wearing Regulations for Children:
11 years old and under: Recommended, but not required by the province, to be worn within our facilities and programs .
12 years and older: Required by the province, to be worn within our facilities and programs.
Group Fitness: By order of the Provincial Health Officer, all group spin classes, hot yoga and high intensity interval training (HIIT) are suspended indefinitely. All other group indoor physical activities are temporarily suspended. 
Updated public health guidance for these activities will be available by November 30. Businesses will need to update their COVID-19 safety plans to comply with the new guidance and post it publicly before resuming these activities. 
Temporarily suspended group indoor activities include:
    • Dance studios
    • Martial arts
    • Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Strength and conditioning
    • Cheerleading
    • Gymnastics
Weightroom: facility is open and as stated by Dr. Henry, masks are mandatory the entire time you are in a public space including while working out.  This service may continue if physical distancing and safety measures have been put in place. When the facility re-opened in September the following procedures were implemented and continue: health screening upon each visit, hand sanitization upon entering the facility, distribution of individual cleaning kits to each customer, staffing of the weightroom area to ensure compliance with physical distancing and cleaning.
Skating Lessons: continue with physical distancing measures in place. Please note that no spectators are permitted.
Sports: Games, competitions and practices can continue with no spectators (indoors or outdoors) and no travel. Travel to, from and between regions for athletic activities like games, competitions, training and practice is restricted under this order. Visit for further information
Kids Gym program: aligning with school activities and daycares that were not affected by this announcement. Mask Wearing Regulations for Children:
11 years old and under: Recommended, but not required by the province, to be worn within our facilities and programs .
12 years and older: Required by the province, to be worn within our facilities and programs.
Facility Bookings: all are cancelled at all Pitt Meadows facilities.
Open Art Studio: cancelled at this time.

All effected registered programs will have a credit placed on account. Please contact customer service to request a refund at 604.465.2470.
City staff will be working to notify all impacted users as soon as possible.

COVID19 Facility Bookings Updates (updated August 17, 2020)

Covid19 Facility Safety Policy

The City of Pitt Meadows is working closely with PHO, BCRPA, ViaSport and local clubs and organizations to return to sport and other activities.  Additionally, contract amendments and documentation to address COVID-19 will vary from city to city and each organization will be required to submit and sign documentation that satisfies all of the requirements of the City of Pitt Meadows.  

Due to Covid-19, in addition to the usual allocation process,  measures have been created to accommodate social distancing between groups, which has resulted in allocation of facilities/fields/ice times being different that previous years.  We are currently accepting requests for facility bookings for the period of Sept-Dec 2020.

We look forward to having organizations and recreational sports return to their activities in the Fall and appreciate your patience as we complete this work. Your safety is our priority! 

How To Book:

  1. Online by submitting a Booking Request Form 
  2. Email
  3. Phone 604.465.2499 
  4. In Person, by Appointment - email to book.

ALL Rentals are Required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Please see the following steps to determine requirements for your booking type:

COVID-19 Safety Plan Process - All Users

All rentals must have a Covid-19 Safety Plan and upon request, submit it to staff.

STEP TWO             
City will provide a Facility Safety Policy including Covid-19 related protocols and procedures with a Rental Agreement Addendum for sign-off.

STEP THREE              
Rental agreements will be provided based on allocation.

COVID-19 Safety Plan Process - Sport & Field Users

STEP ONE               
Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) develops COVID-19 Safety Plan with board approval.  Will be available here:

STEP TWO              
Local Sport Organization (LSO) develops COVID-19 Safety Plan with board approval, and is prepared to provide it upon request to staff. 
Organizations that are not part of a PSO or LSO are also required to have a Covid-19 Safety Plan, and be prepared to provide it upon request to staff.

STEP THREE             
City will provide a Facility Safety Policy including Covid-19 related protocols and procedures with a Rental Agreement Addendum for sign-off.

STEP FOUR           
Rental agreements will be provided based on allocation.

When will organized groups be able to book parks and sports fields?
Please view the comprehensive Sports Fields FAQ page for all details on how to book. 
When can I book a facility rental?
We are currently processing requests for facility rentals for weddings. However, as City buildings remain closed, all new and rescheduled wedding bookings will be “tentative”. Once our re-opening plans are finalized and we are able to confirm the booking, damage deposits and associated rental fees will be collected. Given the ever-changing restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, all rental bookings may be subject to revision or cancellation. Further stipulations to rental bookings may be forthcoming in response to Provincial health guidelines.
 All communication including questions and requests must be sent by email to
 Rental requests for future bookings of parks, fields and facilities (for events other than weddings) are not being accepted at this time. Once our re-opening plans are finalized, we will begin our facility allocation process for returning groups. 


The City of Pitt Meadows offers a variety of facilities to meet the community’s needs. From large scale events and trade shows to small group meetings, weddings, or birthday parties, we have the fit for your function.

Community programs take place in different spaces throughout Pitt Meadows, including the Pitt Meadows Family Recreation Centre and the South Bonson Community Centre. Outdoor sport and recreational activities are also popular here in the City, making our parks and sport fields popular destinations for active events.

Available venue types include:

  • Community halls
  • Fields and tracks
  • Parks
  • Outdoor pool
  • Recreation centre
  • Skate park
  • Spray park

Looking to Book a City of Pitt Meadows Facility?

To inquire about booking one of our facilities, please call 604.465.2499 or email and our staff will be happy to help. Make sure to also fill out the Facility Booking Request Form.

NOTE: The City of Pitt Meadows does not book Whonnock Lake Hall. You must phone Maple Ridge Bookings at 604.467.7357.

Facility User Etiquette
Our Neighbours are Important to Us
  • Please treat them with respect by keeping noise to an appropriate level. This includes no shouting in the parking lot or grounds
  • All music must be turned off by midnight

The fine print: Noise Control By-law #2138-Everything indoors after 10:00pm. Exterior Decibel reading must not exceed 50dBA

Reminders for Events With Alcohol
  • No alcohol outside the facility
  • Liquor license must be displayed at the facility entrance
Smoking Within 7.5 Meters of the Building, Doorways or Windows Is Prohibited

Additionally, please respect the neighbours and do not smoke near their properties. If you must smoke, appropriately dispose of your cigarette butts.

Restrictions Effective 10:00PM

All facility patios and ALL windows must be closed by 10:00pm.

Decorations - Setup & Tear-Down
  • Sparklers, confetti, flower petals, and like items are not permitted in or around facilities. If such items are found, a cleaning fee will be levied
  • Use of nails, staples, glue, sticky tape or any similar materials are not allowed on any building surfaces
  • Candles are permitted when placed inside holders that cover the flame fully
  • Decorating and decoration clean-up is the responsibility of the function organizer
We Hope You Have A Great Event & Remind You That Doors Must Be Locked With Facility Vacated by 1:00AM. Reminders Before You Leave:
  • Remove all decorations and all belongings
  • Use the recycle reciprocals and garbage cans provided to dispose of waste
  • Wipe down tables and chairs and return to storage. (Note: this does not apply to wedding rentals if previously arranged in your contract). Please stack chairs on trollies provided. Sweep floor
Frequently Asked Questions
What Does It Cost to Rent Each of the Rooms?

Rates vary depending on several factors including size, capacity and purpose of each room. These fees are outlined in the bylaw Fee Setting - Park & Leisure Service No. 2010.  Contact us and we can help you choose the best fit for the type of event you are planning and your budget. 

Can I Tour the Facility?

Please contact Guest Services at 604.465.2452 or the Booking Staff at 604.465.2499 if you would like to tour one of the facilities. We do not provide guided tours, however, staff will be able to reccomend a time for you to sign out keys and view the facility you are looking for!

Do I Need Insurance/Licenses for My Event?

Insurance requirements vary depending on the number of attendees and the specific activities being conducted during your rental. Facility Booking Staff will work with you to assess an appropriate level of coverage for your specific booking. If your event will involve alcohol and/or fundraising via gambling you will beed to provide Facility Booking Staff with a copy of your BC Special Event Permit and/or Gambling Event License a minimum of two weeks (14 days) prior to the date of your event.

How Much Is the Damage Deposit for Rentals?

Any event with alcohol will require a $1,000.00 damage deposit two weeks (14 days) prior to the date of the event. The damage deposit for other events will vary depending on the number of attendees and specific activities being conducted during your booking.

What Are the SOCAN and Re:Sound Fees on My Contract?

SOCAN and Re:Sound are Federally mandated tariffs that must be paid anytime music is played in a public facility. The City of Pitt Meadows collects these fees and submits payments to these organizations quartarly. Please visit and for more information.

Looking to Rent A Sports Field or Park Space In Pitt Meadows?

Please email or contact via phone at 604.465.2499 from Tuesday-Saturday 9:00am-2:15pm.

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