Got a green thumb?

Consider participating in the Pitt Meadows Community Garden and enjoy the bountiful fresh fruits and vegetables produced through our local residents' passion for sustainable living.   Gardeners throughout Pitt Meadows gather to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, community spirit, and nutritous food.

For information on memberships and current activities, please visit the Pitt Meadows Community Garden website.


Pitt Meadows Community Garden is a community project operated by its members in conjunction with Parks and Leisure Services. Garden members grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers, while some members use the garden to landscape their own serene patch of land.

As active members of the community, the Community Garden Society Board promotes others and encourages members to donate any surplus foods to the local food banks or shelters. The Board are also strong believers in organically grown products and pesticides are strictly prohibited in the garden.


The Community Garden is located at 11410 Bonson Road, south of Joyner Place and immediately east of the Pitt Meadows Athletic Park. This is a large parcel of land owned by the City that is within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and has been provided by the City for the Community Garden use. This site contains 15' x 15'-sized garden plots and a limited number of raised plots for easier accessibility. Plans to expand the garden will continue as it grows in popularity. Access to this site has been enhanced with the recently introduced community shuttle bus service which travels on Wildwood Crescent, just two blocks from the proposed site.

To view the map location of where the Pitt Meadows Community Garden is, please visit the Parks and Facilities page.

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