Pitt Meadows Recreation in partnership with SCOPE BC and Fraser Health Authority have worked together in aim to increase physical activity levels and outdoor play for families. Through the BC Alliance for Healthy Living Grant, two Playboxes have been installed in our community parks.

To learn more about this project and how to get involved, please contact playbox@pittmeadows.ca. Share your Playbox stories on social media using the hashtag #live5210!

Live 5-2-1-0!

Four simple, yet effective ways for you to help raise healthy and active children in the community! 

  • Enjoy FIVE or more fruits and vegetables each day
  • Power Down no more than TWO hours each day of screen time
  • Play actively at least ONE hour each day
  • Choose healthy - ZERO sugar-sweetened beverages
What Is a Playbox?

Live 5-2-1-0 Playboxes are industrial metal jobsite boxes that are installed in community parks which contain equipment and ideas for active play. The box is available any time, for anyone wanting to get active while visiting the parks!

Where Will They Be and How Do We Access Them?

The Playboxes are installed at Pitt Meadows Athletic Park and in the Osprey Village area. This is exciting! While you are on a walk, hanging out at the park, visiting the arena, or you live in the community, the box is there for you to engage in activity without having to haul a bunch of your own equipment with you. Daycares and preschools, you an unlock the box and enjoy the use of the equipment. Parents and families, have fun with different equipment you may or may not already have! Once you have unlocked the box and had fun, please remember to replace the equipment into the box and lock it up. This way the equipment is there for the next group or person, and is there for you to use again in the future! To receive the code to access the Playboxes, please email playbox@pittmeadows.ca.

What Are the Benefits?

Having the Playboxes in our parks will make it easy for families and children to be active and adopt healthy habits. Other communities are finding that kids are playing with each other with the equipment from the Playboxes. This in turn is breaking down the barriers for parents so that they are not meeting and talking with other parents in a way that they have not done before.

For the residents in the area, the increase in children and families in the parks is creating a new energy, a new vibrancy. There are several at-home daycares that are now bringing the children to the park more often to play.

The Playboxes have also given some of the residents a cause to support, something to take ownership of. The residents are the first to close the Playboxes up if someone forgets, or to open up the Playboxes if a piece of equipment has been left out.

In one location, the Playbox is on the same property where several soccer teams practive. The coaches encourage the spectating families to go and use the Playboxes and if any soccer equipment is left out, residents put the equipment in the Playbox for the coach to retrieve later.

We Need You!

We need Playbox sponsors! Have some equipment to donate? We are looking for people or businesses that want to partner with us.

We need Playbox champions and ambassadors! Help maintain the integrity of the box by checking that the boxes get locked and the equipment is put back. You can help us educate people on accessing the equipment in the Playbox and help us get the word out about what Playboxes are and how to unleash the fun!

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