Pitt Meadows is the Natural Place where parks, open spaces, sports fields and green spaces are key to the way of life in the city. Pitt Meadows Park Projects objectives include:

  • maintain and improve a number of different types of trails to accomodate more usage, provide transportation alternatives, and to increase interconnectivity;
  • protect areas with significant environmental value, and provide outdoor recreation opportunities
  • design parks to be safe with opportunties for a wide variety of activites, age groups, and ability levels, keeping current with trends;
  • meet the athletic and safety needs of sports user groups consistent with typical standards for sport fields;
  • design and maintain existing neighbourhood playgrounds while exploring innovative opportunities for the future.

The City of Pitt Meadows is in the process of developing the Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan, which will provide engagement opportunities that will be play a part of the process in creating a multi-year guiding plan for the future of these service areas.  Make sure to follow our social media channels to find out where we are in the process and when there will be opportunities for you to let us know your ideas!

Is there a project happening in your area you don't see listed here? Metro Vancouver maintains spaces in our community and may be responsible for maintenance and projects you see happening or may be requesting information about. View Metro Vancouver park areas here

Current Projects

The following list includes the creation of new parks, as well as the improvement and maintenance projects of existing parks. 

Linden Grove Park Maintenance Closure (Oct 2021)

Linden Grove Park @ 19771 Wildwood Ave
Closure of playground for cribbing replacement on October 12- 13 (weather permitting).
The playground will be fully closed for both days and snow fence will be put up.

CP/Lougheed Trail Repairs (May - July 2021)

Before Photos Prior to Work Commencing:


July 5, 2021:  closure of the CPR Trail at the section between Allen Way and Kennedy Rd for repairs starts today. It is estimated that the work will be completed by end of day Tuesday. Work includes tripping hazard repair, widening the culvert corner and bolstering the sloughing corners.

May 3, 2021: Repairs will be coming to the CP/Lougheed Trail. Dates will be announced on this page shortly. The trail will require a closure in order to complete the work.  

Fraser Way Roundabout Phase 2 (Feb.-July 2021)

July 12, 2021 Update:

Work is near completion on the project. Grass seeding will take place later in the season.


June 21, 2021 Update

The City recognized National Indigenous Peoples Day with new orange flower plantings at the Fraser Way Roundabout Park in honour of the Indigenous lives lost at residential schools across Canada. 

June 8, 2021 Update

  • Concrete and irrigation work is complete
  • Planting and lawn seeding anticipated to take place the week of June 14th

May 11, 2021 Update: 

  • Concrete and irrigation work will be complete by May 21st.
  • Lawn seeding will take place beginning May 25th.
  • Due to the current situation with global supply chain shortages, some of the plants are not available and this has delayed the project completion. 
  • This page will be updated again, once the plant delivery date has been confirmed.

Current status prior to work beginning:                                                                                                                      

Design plans and colour scheme for the roundabout:

See Completed Phase 1 for information about engagement and decision making.
The first priorities will be to address irrigation and water shut off improvements, grading of the entire roundabout surface, and add new soil to re-establish turf areas and garden beds. At this point, plants deemed suitable to relocate to other parks will be moved. Please note that optically, the roundabout may temporarily appear barren as it is prepared for the installation of new plantings. Some plantings like the cherry trees will be maintained and remain throughout this process.
To begin this work safely, a temporary perimeter fence will be installed. The project will involve large equipment, as well as the on and off loading of green waste bins. 
The pre-existing structure that once functioned as a fountain is no longer operational. The brick work and garden bed will be raised and include seating around the perimeter of the centre garden. Plans are to beautify this structure and fill it with soil, building a display bed with flourishing annual bedding plants and flower bulbs. This piece of the project aligns with the roundabout design plan.
Four perennial beds will be installed in the center of the park with flowering cherry trees in the four quadrants. Beds will also be established on the east and west side of the park surrounding benches.  Additional benches and a closing garbage receptacle will also be installed.
All lawn areas will be seeded to allow a fresh start for this project.

Cottonwood Park/ BMX Track Improvements (Feb. - Jul. 2021)

Location: 17130 Barnes Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1Z1

July 5, 2021: gravel parking lot is being installed (a parking lot does not currently exist at the park). Please exercise caution if you are using the BMX track at the park. Work is expected to be completed by the end of the week.

There are several upgrades to the very popular park that will provide safer parking, and will continue to ensure that neighbours are not disrupted. The items for this project standardizes access to the park with other parks within Pitt Meadows.

  • Improved parking will be achieved by relocating primary parking to a structured, designated location. A wood rail fence has been installed that will blend in with the natural environment, with breaks in between the fencing for easy bike access to the track.
  • Surface grading and the installment of crushed gravel will create better drainage for the area.  Grading will occur in June/July when there is consisten dry weather.

Visit the BMX Track page for more information on the park. 

Parks Signage Replacement Project (Ongoing through 2021)

You may have noticed new signs being installed at City parks! When the old ones needed to be replaced, it was an excellent opportunity to redesign the signs to better reflect the look and feel of the community. The new signs use colours that emulate the natural landscape of Pitt Meadows and draw inspiration from the water, mountains, and meadow grasses. Keep an eye out for the new signs! 

Check out this before and after photo to see the old style of signs, and the beautiful new ones being installed all across Pitt Meadows.

Completed Projects











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