Fraser Way Roundabout Phase 1 (Sept. 2020 - April 2020)

A public engagement session was held on Sept. 23, 2019 – concerns were noted regarding the condition of the park and park amenities. From this session, the engagement feedback was integrated into the Parks workplan to investigate safety improvements, and sustainability of park amenities. In April 2020, a summary was provided by ISL to Pitt Meadows Council who approved Option 4 as part of their capital budget approval.
Safety improvements, notably sightlines were created by removing trees that blocked traffic visibility of pedestrians. Designated crosswalks were installed to reduce pedestrians emerging from all points of the roundabout. Additional sightline improvements will be made in Phase 2.
Existing plants were assessed to see which can be relocated to other parks for the second phase of work, and which ones are currently not suitable for relocation due to plant health. Plans began for new greenery that could be added to enhance the vision for the roundabout, while maintaining the safe sightlines. 

North Bonson Dog Park Phase 2 (September 2020)

Sept. 30, 2020-  Thank you for your patience- North Bonson Dog Park is now open and better than ever. The compacted ground was removed, with gravel and drainage material added. Underneath the now leveled ground, there is piping that lays on an incline so as water builds it will catch in the underground pipe and drain to lesser used and lower areas of the park.

Staff will continue to monitor the park after the next heavy rainfall to assess the feasibility of additional measures.

Sept. 22. 2020-  The current scope of work involves drainage improvements in both the small and large dog park.
A drainage pipe will be installed on the NW corner of the large dog park to divert the standing water that accumulates during heavy rains.
The soil throughout the dog park has been extremely compacted with heavy use of foot traffic from dogs and people over the past several years at this very popular dog park. Some of this compaction has been alleviated by the prior work that was done at this site by creating a perimeter walking trail 
Drainage issues are not easy to improve or resolve at this site as there is no underground City infrastructure drainage lines to tie into that are in close proximity to the problematic area.
In the worst areas regrading will take place, where possible, and drainage rock added to try to mitigate further pooling of water. 
During the tree re-planting program this fall, additional trees will be planted at this site relieve some of the uptake of water and erosion of the soil.

The park will need to be completely shut down for these two days while the work takes place. 

July 21, 2020 - The first phase of the upgrades to the North Bonson Dog Park have been completed. The work involved removing unsafe trees and invasive species, grading to minimize areas that are prone to pooling water, the creation of a gravel based walking path around the perimeter and throughout the large and small dog areas and the addition of spring loaded self-closing gates. 

These upgrades did not address all of the pooling water. Due COVID-19, all capital projects were postponed unless they posed an immediate safety risk. 

Currently, the City is assessing the issue of pooling water and looking to address this before the winter and rainy months. 

Ford & 190A Update - part of the Horticulture Plan (August 2020)


These are the bulbouts at the edge of roadways throughout the community.  In total there were 24 locations, where annuals and other plants that require high maintenance and watering were removed and replaced with perennial, low and slow growing shrubs and greenery that is suitable for non-irrigated locations.

This was part of the Horticulture Plan that looked at what is currently in the community and identified opportunities to refresh and revitalize horticulture in the community.

Morningside Park Updates (August 2020)


  • Tree and horticulture refresh and replacement
  • Top dressing of gardens
  • Addition of hardscaping.
MacLean Park Maintenance & Eco Friendly Beaver Management (July 2020)

Location: the end of McMyn Road near the corner of 190a Street

Humane Solutions completed work on this project.

Wrapping Trees

  • Protection of selected trees with heavy-duty wire mesh to prevent beavers from chewing trees
  • Mesh extend 3’ tall and allows for tree growth
  • Approx. 300 trees were wrapped

Pond Leveler (see below for rendering and photo)

  • Custom built pipe system that allows water to continue to flow through a beaver dam and creates the ability to adjust the height of the water behind the dam to reduce flooding
  • Annual management of pond leveler for optimal performance


Opportunities for Community Engagement will be announced shortly. We will be working with the vendor to develop an interpretive program, as well as signage.

Why don’t you remove the dam?  The removal of the dam would prompt the beavers to take down more trees to replace and rebuild their dam, counteractive to this project.
Why don’t you relocate the beavers?  Beavers are responsible for maintaining sensitive and important wetlands. Relocation of beaver can only take place between Sept 1 and March 31st which falls outside the 'kitting season' (term used for beavers gestation and birthing season) .

Maintaining eco-friendly and humane measures are paramount to this work.

North Bonson Dog Park, Phase 1 (June 2020)

The first phase of improvements  addressed several maintenance priorities, as well as responding to resident requests to improve active opportunities for dog owners. The scope of the first phase of improvements included:

  • Remove overgrown invasive species (blackberries);
  •  Inspect the health of the trees, and upon inspection multiple trees were found to be a safety concern and were removed;
  • Grading of ground to minimize areas that are prone to pooling water;
  • Create a gravel based walking path around the perimeter and throughout the large and small dog areas;
  • Switch the outer gates to be spring loaded, so they close automatically.

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