PRC Master Plan

Play. Grow. Create. 

The City has finalized Pitt Meadows first independent Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan (PRC Master Plan) to help guide programs, amenities, facilities and services for the next 15 years. The PRC Master Plan was developed with extensive engagement to provide a community-led plan that enriches the heart of our community and reflects the future vision of Pitt Meadows parks, recreation, art and culture.


The final Master Plan document was adopted by Council at the Council Meeting on November 23, 2021 and is available here. The document will act as a guiding framework for priorities and decisions related to parks, recreation, arts and culture in Pitt Meadows.

Pitt Meadows Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan

Implementation Plan 

Reseach and Engagement Summary   

"Current State" Research Report   "What We Heard" Engagement Summary Report

As part of this planning process, three important reports have been created to help determine how we want to play, grow and create in our community.  The Current State Report summarizes the background research conducted in phases 1 and 2 of the engagement timeline below. The "What We Heard" Engagement Summary Report is a summary of the extensive community engagement that was conducted in January 2021 during Phase 3.



The purpose of this project is to prepare a 15-year PRC Master Plan that will provide a framework for decisions related to parks, recreation, arts and culture land, facilities, parks, amenities, programs, and resources for the City of Pitt Meadows. This will enable Council and staff to plan for the future and to guide new development with consideration for parks and recreation. 

The five-phase process included a review of all the City’s parks, recreation, arts and cultural facilities, programs and services and involved extensive engagement with stakeholders and residents of all ages to ensure that the plan aligns with the community’s needs and priorities. Public engagement began in January 2021 with the final plan adopted in November 2021.

The PRC Master Plan is the City’s first since the joint recreation model between the City of Maple Ridge and City of Pitt Meadows was dissolved in 2016 and the previous plan created in 2010.


Public engagement began in early 2021 with a resident questionnaire, youth survey, community group questionnaire, and stakeholder discussion sessions.

We heard from:

  • 889 resident questionnaires representing 2,268 individuals 120 youth participants
  • 19 local organizations
  • 24 stakeholder organizations

Thank you to all who submitted their valuable feedback and reviewed the draft Master Plan. The final document is now available here

Reports and Presentations


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