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The Active Transportation Advisory Committee advises Council and City Staff on strategic priorities and policies relating to active transportation in Pitt Meadows using the Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan  as a guide.

Meetings: The Active Transportation Advisory Committee proposes to meeting every other month on an as needed basis and do not have meetings scheduled in July or August. For detailed information, please visit the City's Community Calendar page.   All meeting dates are considered tentative until the agenda is posted below.  

    During this time, the City of Pitt Meadows is not holding in person committee meetings due to COVID-19; all meetings will be livestreamed to allow for the public to view.

    Date/Time: The next ATAC meeting is set for November 8, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

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    For more information regarding the Active Transporation Advisory Committee & cycling in Pitt Meadows please see below:


    Meeting Date  
    November 8AgendaMinutes
    September 14AgendaMinutes (draft)
    June 8AgendaMinutes
    April 20Cancelled 
    February 10AgendaMinutes  
    2019 Meetings


    Meeting Date  
    November 18AgendaMinutes 
    September 9AgendaMinutes
    June 10AgendaMinutes 
    May 13AgendaMinutes 
    March 11AgendaMinutes 
    February 11 AgendaCancelled


    2018 Meetings


    Meeting Date  
    November 19AgendaMinutes
    September 17AgendaMinutes 
    June 11Cancelled 
    April 9AgendaMinutes
    February 19Agenda Minutes




    2017 Meetings


    Meeting Date  
    November 20AgendaMinutes
    September 11AgendaMinutes
    May 8AgendaMinutes
    March 6AgendaMinutes
    January 16AgendaMinutes

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