As City Hall is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19, ADP meetings will be livestreamed online to allow the public to view.  

The Advisory Design Panel provides professional and lay advice on matters related to the evaluation of the design and construction of buildings and other developments within the City of Pitt Meadows.

The Advisory Design Panel aids in the evaluation of the quality of development proposed in Pitt Meadows in a manner which is sensitive to the community's unique character.  The Advisory Design Panel assists Council and Department Staff in evaluating development applications by providing advice upon related matters.

The Advisory Design Panel shall consist of five (nine optional) voting members as follows:

  • Two (three optional) residents of the City of Pitt Meadows
  • One (two optional) member of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia
  • One member of the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architecture
  • One non voting member of the Ridge Meadows RCMP detachment trained in the field of crime prevention through environmental design

ADP Meetings

The Advisory Design Panel proposes to meeting monthly, however they will only proceed with meetings as business needs require.   All meeting dates are considered tentative until the agenda is posted below.  If no agenda is posted, there is a possibility the meeting will be cancelled until the next proposed meeting date. 

For an at-a-glance view of all upcoming Committee meetings, please review our online Community Calendar.

Download the ADP meeting minutes for the latest updates on development topics and recommendations. 

Terms of Reference


Meeting Date   
August 5AgendaMinutes (draft) 
July 22AgendaMinutes  
July 8AgendaMinutes  
June 24AgendaMinutes  
June 10


Architechtural Plans - GEBP -Phase 4

Landscape Plans - GEBP - Phase 4


May 27


Site Plans - GEBP -  Phase 3 

Architectural Plans - GEBP -  Phase 3 - BLD - 3100

Architectural Plans - GEBP -  Phase 3 - BLD - 3200

Architectural Plans - GEBP - Phase 3 - BLD - 3300 

Landscape Plans - GEBP - Phase 3 

May 13


May 12 - Revised Drawings




Meeting Date

May 22AgendaMinutes 
April 9Cancelled 
March 13Agenda Minutes 


Meeting Date  
October 10Agenda
Supplemental Drawings
February 14AgendaMinutes





Meeting Date

September 27AgendaMinutes 
July 12AgendaMinutes
February 22Agenda Minutes

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