Agriculture Advisory Committee

Agricultural Advisory Comittee 

The Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) advises Council and Staff on matters related to agriculture in the community which may include comprehensive reviews of agriculture-related policies, plans and development proposals using the City of Pitt Meadows  Official Community Plan as a guide. 

Meetings: The Agriculture Advisory Committee proposes to meeting the 2nd Thursday of every month on an as needed basis and do not have meetings scheduled in July or August.  For detailed information, please visit the City's Community Calendar page.   All meeting dates are considered tentative until the agenda is posted below.  

Date/Time: The next scheduled AAC meeting is May 27,  2022 at 10:00 a.m.

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2022 Meetings

Meeting Date  
May 27AgendaMinutes
May 12AgendaMinutes (draft)
April 14AgendaMinutes  
March 10AgendaMinutes
February 10AgendaMinutes 
January 13AgendaMinutes 


2021 Meetings

Meeting Date  
December 9AgendaMinutes
November  18AgendaMinutes 
October 14AgendaMinutes
September 9AgendaMinutes 
July 8AgendaMinutes 
June 10AgendaMinutes
May 13Cancelled - No Applications 
April 8AgendaMinutes 
March 11AgendaMinutes 
February 11AgendaMinutes 
January 14AgendaMinutes 


2020 Meetings

Meeting Date  
December 10AgendaMinutes 
November 12AgendaMinutes 
October 8AgendaMinutes 
September 10AgendaMinutes
July 9Cancelled 
June 11Cancelled 
May 14Cancelled 
April 9Cancelled 
March 12AgendaMinutes
February 13Cancelled 
January 23 AgendaMinutes  


2019 Meetings

Meeting Date

December 12Cancelled 
November 14AgendaMinutes 
October 10AgendaMinutes
September 12AgendaMinutes 
July 11AgendaMinutes
June 13Cancelled 
May 9AgendaMinutes
April 11AgendaMinutes 
March 28AgendaMinutes
February 14AgendaMinutes
January 10AgendaMinutes


2018 Meetings

Meeting Date

December 13Cancelled 
November 8AgendaMinutes
October 11Cancelled 
September 13AgendaMinutes
June 14AgendaMinutes
May 10AgendaMinutes
February 8AgendaMinutes


2017 Meetings

Meeting Date

December 14AgendaMinutes
November 9Agenda Minutes
September 14Agenda Discussion Group Minutes
June 8Agenda Minutes
April 13Agenda Minutes
February 9AgendaMinutes