According to the Local Government Act, a municipality that has adopted a zoning bylaw must establish a Board of Variance to allow people to request relief from the provisions of that bylaw. A person may apply to the Board for a minor variance if they feel compliance with the bylaw would cause them hardship. The Board of Variance is a quasi-judicial board consisting of three volunteers from the community appointed by Council. 

Board of Variance Focus

The board of variance focuses primarily on hardship relating to matters such as siting, dimensions and size of buildings. A board of variance order cannot conflict with Land Title Act covenants or deal with matters in land use permits, land use contracts, floodplain bylaw specifications or phased development agreements.

Meetings: The Board of Variance proposes to meeting the first Wednesday of every month on as as needed basis. For detailed information, please visit the City's Community Calendar page.  Meetings of the Board of Variance are open to the public and only held as business needs arise.

Staff Contact: 

For more information regarding the Board of Variance please see below:

2020 Meetings
Meeting Date   
December 2   
November 4   
October 7Cancelled - No Applications  
September 2Cancelled - No Applications   
June 3Cancelled - No Applications  
May 6Cancelled - No Applications   
April 1Cancelled - No Applications   
March 4Cancelled - No Applications   
February 5Cancelled - No Applications   
January 15AgendaMinutes (draft)Notice
2019 Meetings

Meeting Date:

July 11





April 26AgendaMinutes  
March 22AgendaMinutes 


Board Decisions From Previous Hearings
DateCivic AddressApproved or Denied
201911956 Bonson RoadApproved
201919691 116A AvenueApproved
201913219 Sharpe RoadApproved
201815146 Harris RoadApproved
201613910 McKechnie RoadWithdrawn
201512430 188A StreetApproved
201418390 Old Dewdney Trunk RoadDenied
201317340 Kennedy RoadApproved
201217364 Kennedy RoadApproved
201218935 118B AvenueApproved
201119355 121 AvenueApproved
201018851 119B AvenueApproved
200913740 Sharpe RoadApproved
200919763 116A AvenueDenied
200812085 Blakely RoadApproved
200711707 Bonson RoadApproved
200611740 194a StreetWithrawn
200518681 McQuarrie RoadDenied
200519718 Cedar LaneDenied
200519286 Park RoadDenied
200319269 Park RoadDenied
200011630 Fraser Dyke RoadWithdrawn


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