A Board of Variance allows people to request relief from provisions of a zoning bylaw.

As an alternative to applying for a development variance permit from a local government, a person may apply to the Board of Variance if they feel compliance with the bylaw would cause them hardship.  For example, if an outcrop in a person's yard prevented them from siting the house in conformity with the normal setbacks, a person could apply for a variance.

Board of Variance Focus

The board of variance focuses primarily on hardship relating to matters such as siting, dimensions and size of buildings. A board of variance order cannot conflict with Land Title Act covenants or deal with matters in land use permits, land use contracts, floodplain bylaw specifications or phased development agreements.


Meetings of the Board of Variance are open to the public and only held as business needs arise.

Board of Variance Bylaw


Meeting Date   
January 15AgendaMinutes (draft)Notice



Meeting Date   
July 11AgendaMinutes Notice 
April 26AgendaMinutes  
March 22AgendaMinutes 


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