Codd Island Wetlands
Codd Island Wetlands
Heritage Location, Other Important Sites

The Codd Island Wetlands are situated within the Pitt Polder region of Pitt Meadows, approximately two kilometres downstream from Blaney Bog. The Wetlands consist of 104.5 hectares that include the Blaney Creek floodplain, associated wetlands, and tributary streams in the area east of Codd Island.

The Codd Island Wetlands are valued as the last remaining undyked floodplain wetlands within the Alouette River watershed and are significant as a vital ecosystem. The topography of the wetlands is comprised of floodplain and highlands, which includes a coniferous and deciduous forest. Undyked and unfarmed, the wetlands serve as a tangible reminder of Pitt Meadows before its agricultural settlement began in the 1880s. The wetlands are home to more than 200 species of wildlife, including birds, mammals and amphibians. In association with the Blaney Bog Wetlands, the Codd Island Wetlands provide the single largest off-channel habitat for steelhead trout, cutthroat trout, and coho salmon within the Alouette River watershed.

In recognition of its significant ecological values, the Codd Island Wetlands are currently managed as an Ecological Conservation Area. In March of 2004, five agencies - the Province of British Columbia, the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the City of Pitt Meadows, the Aquilini Investment Group and the Land Conservancy of B.C - jointly purchased 104.5 hectares of Codd Island Wetlands, ensuring that it will be protected and managed effectively as a natural ecosystem. The priority of this management framework is ecological protection, rather than public use.

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