What is the HOG Program and What are the Eligibility Requirements?

The Home Owner Grant (HOG) is a program of the Provincial government that the City of Pitt Meadows is required to administer on their behalf.  This means the City does not have authority to make any exceptions to this program.

What is the HOG Program and what are the Eligibility Requirements?  The HOG program is designed to help reduce the burden of taxes for homeowners.  There are two categories of grants which may reduce a home owner's property taxes:

1. Basic Grant may reduce your taxes up to $570

2. Additional Grant may reduce your taxes up to $845

If you are eligible, you must forward your completed Home Owner grant application on or before the due date even if your taxes are paid by prepayment (PAP), PC/telebanking, or your mortgage company, in order to avoid penalty.

Apply for the Home Owner Grant

City staff can assist you with any questions about this program, but you may also contact the Provincial government about the program directly.

Home Owner Grant Administration Branch
Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Recreation and Housing

Parliament Buildings
Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4
Phone: 250.356.8904

For more information, visit www.rev.gov.bc.ca/hog 

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