Each year the City budgets and plans for infrastructure projects within Pitt Meadows.  Infrastructure projects focus on improvements and maintenance of outdoor spaces, buildings, active transportation networks, utilities, roads and bridges.

Residents will be notified ahead of time by the contractor when they plan to start in their area, and the contractor will endeavor to minimize any disturbances to area residents.  Watch for signs and contractor’s traf­fic control personnel.

2019 Projects:

Pedestrian Safety 
  • Traffic calming improvements near Harris Road/124th Avenue and 124th Avenue/192A Street including upgrades to signage, traffic signals, line painting, and medians as recommended in recent Traffic Operations Safety Review. 
  • Small-scale traffic calming improvements on Bonson Road, including installation of speed reader boards and speed pavement markings near Bonson Park.
  • Implementation of recommendations from the Active Transportation Advisory Committee to improve pedestrian and cyclist transportation within the community. Work includes repairs and installation of sidewalks, crosswalks, letdowns, and push buttons at 122nd/Harris, Blakely/Hammond, and 124th/Harris.
Water Main and Sewer System Upgrades
  • Extension of McMyn sanitary force main from CP rail to 190A.
  • 119B, 119, and 118B Avenue water main replacement.  
  • Replace Sharpe Road water main up to Old Dewdney Trunk Road.
  • Replacement of 188th Street water main along south end of street (Advent South).
  • Extension of the water main along Fraser Dike Roa


  • Firehall Replacement Project: The plans to replace the existing fire hall continue to move forward. Council has decided to rebuild the fire hall on the existing site. For the latest information, visit pittmeadows.ca/newfirehall.
  • Phase 2 of Septic system replacement at Cottonwood Park including installation of a new septic field and upgrade treatment system.
  • Harris Road Park Washhouse Roof replacement and localized interior cleaning and painting.

Pitt Polder Pump Station

  • Replacement of the pump station and three culverts to new design standards (ongoing from 2018).

Flood Mitigation 

  • Dike Master Plan – Establish a detailed flood mitigation plan including geotechnical, hydro-technical and environmental reviews in collaboration with neighboring communities.
PRV Upgrades
  • Replacement of existing pressure reducing valve at Lougheed Station.

Neaves Road Bridge at South Alouette River

  • Rehabilitation Neaves Road Bridge at the South Alouette River, including the addition of bikes lane (ongoing from 2018). Traffic will be single-lane alternating traffic periodically during construction. Truck traffic to remain on designated truck routes.
Harris Road Banner Structure - Second Locatio
  • Additional Harris Road banner to be constructed south of the CP rail.

For more information and a comprehensive list of Capital Works Projects, please see the Engineering & Operations 2019  Business Plan.

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