The Future of Transportation in Pitt Meadows

On January 9, 2018, the Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum (GTCF) presented a number of proposed railway infrastructure projects to Council which included a Kennedy Road Overpass and a Harris Road Underpass. These proposed projects are currently being reviewed by the federal government for funding. 

Council continues to advocate for the best interests of the community and will review funding outcomes in the context of the priorities and interests of Pitt Meadows. See Council's Statement of Principle and Statement of Pitt Meadows Interests.

Following the federal funding decision, expected in April, opportunities for citizen input and feedback will be part of the next steps.     

View the Council meeting presentation by GTCF, including information and renderings of the proposed projects, and the Council discussion afterward. 

Feedback Regarding the Future of Transportation in Pitt Meadows

From June 18 to July 31, 2018, the City of Pitt Meadows hosted an engagement process for members of the community to provide feedback about their priorities for the future of transportation in the city.   Here are the summary report and supplemental information from those engagement sessions.

 Engagement Summary Report



In September 2017, Mayor Becker met with senior members of CP Rail, who shared a map of planned infrastructure projects throughout the lower mainland designed to improve the flow of goods throughout our region, including three projects that will directly impact the City of Pitt Meadows: the Kennedy Rd. Overpass, the Allen Way Interchange, and the Harris Rd. Underpass. View the map.

These projects were developed by the Gateway Transportation Collaboration Forum (GTCF), which is a partnership between several senior agencies, including Transport Canada, Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, CP Rail, TransLink, Greater Vancouver Gateway Council, and Port Metro Vancouver.   

The projects are in the process of being submitted to the provincial and federal governments for review and approval.

Proposed Project Concepts



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