August 3, 2021 - Due to ongoing concerns of traffic and parking safety around Pitt Meadows Elementary (PME), City staff have undertaken a parking and traffic review along 119 Ave, where much of the school pick up and drop off activities occur.

Based on the review and discussions with the PME school administration, the following measures will be implemented to enhance traffic safety as outlined in the map below:

  1. The City is changing the current "No Stopping" zone to a "No Parking" zone, which allows for pick up and drop off between 8:00am to 5:00pm on school days. This will help to better organize traffic flow around the school in a clockwise direction, discourages double parking, and negates the necessity of students having to cross the street while being picked up or dropped off. The City also plans to remove the yellow curb in this location to permit parking outside of school hours and on weekends. 
  2. The City is extending the on-street pick up and drop off zone further west along the north side of 119 Ave, with a 5-minute time limit between the hours of 8-9am and 2-3pm. This will help to address the lack of available pick up and drop off parking spaces for caregivers that need to briefly leave their vehicles. This will still allow for unrestricted parking in this area outside of the 8-9am and 2-3pm periods on school days and weekends.

The installation of the new signage will be completed before the start of the new school year in September. Please obey all signage and traffic personnel while the work is completed.

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