With new developments and an increased demand for parking in the area of McMyn Road and 191 Avenue, the City of Pitt Meadows is introducing new parking regulations to balance the needs of all users in the area including customers, residents, and visitors.

Beginning July 2, 2019, the following parking restrictions along 191 Street and McMyn Road will be implemented:

  • Two (2) Hour Parking - Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 5:00pm (see area marked in red on map below)
  • No Parking Anytime (see area marked in blue on map below)

New parking signage will be posted to clearly demonstrate the permitted hours and where employee permit parking is permitted. The fine for parking longer than the allowable time is $40 if paid within 14 days. The actual fine is $50.

A letter has been mailed to residents and businesses in the area.

Thank you for your cooperation. For more information or to provide feedback please email info@pittmeadows.ca.

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