For westbound vehicles turning left from Lougheed Highway onto Harris Road southbound with a green arrow, you must stay in your respective lane through the intersection and onto Harris Road. In other words, you need to end up in the correct lane (the left lane) when you complete your turn (lane 1 in diagram below).

For eastbound vehicles turning right from Lougheed Highway onto Harris Road southbound, when there is a red light you must come to a complete stop. When it is safe to do so, you may turn right but must stay in the correct lane through the turn (lane 2 in diagram below).

If the left and right turn vehicles fail to use their respective lanes on Harris Road then there is a potential for a conflict. Drivers are asked to please obey the rules of the road and use caution when driving.

Diagram: Lougheed Highway eastbound to Harris Road southbound (shown in red) must turn right into the right lane (lane 2). Lougheed Highway westbound to Harris Road southbound (shown in green) must turn left into the left lane (lane 1).

For Reference:
ICBC: Understanding Intersection
B.C. Motor Vehicle Act -See sections 129 “Red Light” and 165 “Turning at Intersections”


Thursday, May 23, 2019

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