The Noise Control Bylaw regulates noises or sounds in or on a public or private place which disturbs the quiet, peace and enjoyment of any person or persons in the neighbourhood or vicinity. It covers, general noise,  noise caused by construction, dogs, amplification or public address systems, as well as use of noise scare devices on agricultural lands.

Noise Control Bylaw No. 2138, 2003 


Noise Abeyance

A noise abeyance permit may be obtained for those activities that must extend beyond the allowable noise levels or hours because of exigent circumstances.  

If planning any activities outside of these noise levels or hours, you must apply for a Noise Abeyance Permit (approval is not guaranteed).

The permit fee for a noise abeyance is $100.00. To apply for a Noise Abeyance Permit, please complete one of  the application forms below:

Noise Abeyance Permit Application (pdf)  

Noise Abeyance Permit Application (online form)


Reporting a Noise Concern 

For noise concerns during business days and hours, contact the Bylaw Department at 604.465.2428 or at

For noise concerns after hours, please contact the RCMP Non-Emergency line at 604.463.6251.

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