Engineering is responsible for the City’s infrastructure services, including transportation and transportation planning, water distribution, flood control, and storm water management.  

Operations and Parks maintain the City’s infrastructure, as well as contribute to community livability through park maintenance.  Services include managing and maintaining water distribution and flood control infrastructure, storm water management, and sewage collection; as well as maintaining the contracts for solid and organic waste and recycling collection; and managing seasonal services such as street sweeping, snow plowing and mosquito control.

Parks staff maintain the City’s parks and trails, including park planning and development or redevelopment, and provide support to the Community Garden.

The Facilities division maintains all City buildings and facilities including long-term building planning and replacement planning.  

Environmental Stewardship provides the City with in-house, professional environmental expertise, as well as increased compliance and enforcement initiatives for the protection and management of air, soils and water on development sites and agricultural lands.  

The department includes a new role that procures products and services to meet the needs of the City while following best practices to provide cost-efficiency and value.

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Samantha Maki - Director of Engineering & Operations

As the Director of the Engineering & Operations Services, Samantha is responsible for the engineering design, planning, construction and maintenance of the City's infrastructure including the transportation network, sewer and water systems, facilities and flood protection. In addition, she is overseeing several major capital and infrastructure projects for the City including the new Fire Hall replacement project and the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements project. 

“Our department provides and maintains essential municipal services and infrastructure for our community, while creating an inviting place that enhances quality of life for our residents,” she says.

Samantha grew up on the north shore and gained first-hand experience in construction by flipping and renovating houses with her family. This sparked an interest and led to her pursuing a career in engineering. Samantha graduated from UBC’s civil engineering program and previously worked at the City of Vancouver and then at an Engineering consulting firm for seven years.

After joining the City of Pitt Meadows as a Project Engineer, Samantha was promoted to Director in 2018. She has proven to be a strong leader, valuable member of the Corporate Leadership Team and well respected amongst her peers.

Samantha resides in Pitt Meadows and can often be found outdoors exploring the City’s extensive trail network with her dog, Cooper.

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