Feb 12, 2020 - North Bonson Dog Park Reopened

The North Bonson Dog Park is now open!  Thank you to everyone for your patience for the delay.  Due to the wet weather there are still a few final touches to come, including: grading of the new pathways and additiona; plantings of grasses and willows that will naturally absorb some of the areas that are prone to pooling water. Spring loaded gates are also on order and will be installed upon arrival. These will ensure dog safety as the gates will automatically close.

Again, we thank all the dogs (and their humans) for their patience during this project! For more information, visit pittmeadows.ca/dogparks.

Feb 7, 2020  - Due to the recent snow and rainfall, the North Bonson Dog Park renovation has been delayed. The small dog area will open later today, however a small portion will be fenced off where the water is still pooling.

The large dog area remains closed at this time, as it has been difficult to get the equipment in to remove the debris from this areas. The weather for next week is looking promising and we are hopeful to have the park fully open by the end of the week.

Jan 31, 2020  - Due to the recent amount of rainfall, some of the repairs to the dog park have been delayed.  Work  will resume once the pooling water lessens.  We are anticipating the park will be closed for an additional week.  Hoffman Dog Park remains open, providing another option for play. Thank you for your patience.  Stay tuned for updates and for more information, visit pittmeadows.ca/dogparks.

Jan 21, 2020 - The North Bonson Dog Park is temporarily closed for renovations as we create a more enjoyable experience for you and your pup! Improvements include a new perimeter walking path and will take approximately 7-10 days (weather permitting) to complete.

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