Blaney Residenc
13074 Harris Road
Heritage Location, Municipal Registered

The Blaney Residence was the home of John Blaney (1855-1948), the first Reeve of Pitt Meadows and his wife Mary Anne Blaney. The Blaneys were one of the early families that settled in Maple Ridge, having acquired CPR land made available by Order in Council in 1885; their son David was born there in 1886, and during the 1890s Blaney worked on road-building contracts. His farm was in the remote northern uplands in Maple Ridge, where nearby Blaney Creek and Blaney Lake were later named after him. He was active in civic affairs, as three-term Reeve of Maple Ridge (1903, 1905 and 1906) and as the first Reeve of Pitt Meadows after its incorporation in 1914. His wife, Mary Anne, died in 1905, and in 1908 he moved to this 27 acre property on Harris Road, north of the Katzie Slough.

This house illustrates the time when Pitt Meadows was developing rapidly as an agricultural town, after the construction of the dyking system allowed farming in the northern part of the District to flourish. Typical of farmhouses of the era, the Blaney Residence was influenced by the popular Queen Anne Revival style. The house retains its original wooden drop siding and many of its double-hung windows. Also located on the large property is an early single car garage, likely dating from the 1920s, which features a distinctive jerkin-headed roof.

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