Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) is now available for eligible British Columbians who may have been affected by overland flooding from heavy rains that began on Jan. 31, 2020. More details, eligibility, and application info available at www.gov.bc.ca/disasterfinancialassistance. Deadline to apply is May 4, 2020. 


Be Prepared: Free Emergency Preparedness Workshops 

A series of free Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP) workshops are being offered throughout the year. These workshops will equip citizens with the necessary information so that they can plan ahead and take care of themselves and their neighbours during a catastrophic event. 

To register contact emo@pittmeadows.ca or call 604 .460.6713

2019 Calendar of  NEPP Workshops  

Emergency Kits

What should your emergency kit include? See our Emergency Kit Check-List for the basic items to include.  Need help with your kit? We have you covered! You can purchase quality, pre-paid emergency kit through the City.  We take emergency preparedness serious and want to ensure that you have quality items you need in the case of an emergency.  You can have peace of mind knowing you have a  reputable kit with everything you need to be prepared. Available kits: One Person Emergency Kit; Two Person Emergency Kit; Four Person Emergency Kit.  If you would like to compare each of them, here is a summary of each kit.  Emergency kits can be purchased at City Hall. For more information, email: emo@pittmeadows.ca.

Why prepare for emergencies?

Being prepared allows you to take care of yourself, your family and neighbours in any disaster.  It also aids you in the reduction of fear and anxiety, as well as the risk of injury or loss.  By reducing the impact of a disaster on your property, you're doing your part to allow emergency responders to deal with major emergencies first.

You can prepare for most emergencies by having basic supplies on hand in an easily-accessible place in your home.  In many emergency situations, responders will likely be unable to reach you and your loved ones for days.  Having the necessary supplies allows you to take care of yourself and your family for at least one week following a disaster.


What emergencies should you prepare for?

It's important to be ready for any emergency, but part of being prepared means knowing what types of disasters can happen in your area.  In Pitt Meadows, our geographical location and some of the unique features of our community mean that we have certain issues to keep in mind when preparing for potential emergencies.  Learn how to prepare for extreme weather, earthquakes, wildfires, pandemic, what to expect during an evacuation, and more.  Visit Emergency Alerts & Events.


Emergencies and the Disabled

If you are disabled or have special needs, it is imperative to establish a plan ahead of time so that your needs will be met in an emergency, or that you can take care of yourself if you are unable to leave your home for a period of time.

  • Establish a network of neighbours, friends and family who can help you during an emergency or evacuation.
  • Have an emergency preparedness kit with extra food and water, medications and other aids or items you will need specific to your disability.
  • Find out if your pharmacy will deliver in case you are housebound


We all need to be better prepared for major earthquakes, and know how to protect ourselves when they happen. The purpose of the ShakeOut is to help people and organizations do both.

British Columbians "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" in The Great British Columbia ShakeOut, the largest earthquake drill in Canadian history!  This year, the Great British Columbia ShakeOut is on October 15, 2020 at 10:18am.  Register at shakeoutbc.ca.

Why should you register to participate in ShakeOutBC? Pitt Meadows Fire & Rescue Services' Brad Perrie explains why and demonstrates some earthquake drill best practices!

Flood Preparation

Learn to plan ahead by taking sensible precautions to minimize flood damage.  Information on steps to take before a flood, and more!  Learn more about the freshet, view river levels and export the data!

For more information, tips, and tricks that you can leverage to better prepare yourself, your family, and neighbours.

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