Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fortis Inc advises that due to an incident affecting Enbridge’s natural gas transmission pipeline near Prince George, British Columbia, supply of natural gas to customers at the utility, FortisBC, may be affected.  This pipeline provides the supply of natural gas which FortisBC then distributes to its customers in Prince George, Quesnel, William’s Lake, the lower Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver, among other locations. FortisBC has approximately one million gas customers; it is estimated about 70% of these customers have the potential to lose gas supply due to this incident. 

The City of Pitt Meadows is ensuring our gas usage reflects these priorities, therefore, the City has lowered the thermostats in all city-staffed buildings.  All steps are being made to reduce heating levels or other uses of natural gas where doing so will not compromise health and safety.  Facilities have been reduced by 1 – 2 degrees and meeting rooms have been reduced even further. Any facility that is not being currently used will be reduced to just above freezing.

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